Inaugural School Held in Southern California

YORBA LINDA, CA (March 10, 2007) – Teaching professionals Seth Glasco and Nick Kumpis held the SouthPaw Golf
Academy’s inaugural school on Saturday, March 10, 2007 at Black Gold Golf Club in Yorba Linda, CA.  The two left-
handed instructors announced the launch of the SouthPaw Golf Academy, a new golf school exclusively for left-handed
golfers, the previous week.  

Co-founders and Directors of Instruction Glasco and Kumpis recognized a need for the SouthPaw Golf Academy.  “We’ve
taught a lot of schools and a lot of students over the years, and we’ve seen firsthand how the left-handed student often
gets short-changed.  We wanted to create a comfortable setting and a truly individual learning environment,” said Kumpis.  
Golf schools by design cater to the group, and are thus tailored to right-handed golfers. This can easily lead to confusion
for a left-hander when an instructor references “right” hand or “left” arm.  As the minority, lefties are relegated to last on
video so the instructor can switch out the station, and often find themselves with one or two lefty clubs (if that) in an entire
demo set.  

Designed to address the specific needs of left-handed golfers, the SouthPaw Golf Academy will feature hitting stations,
equipment and teaching aids all designed and set up for lefties.  Cameras used in the video analysis are positioned for left-
handed players.  When instructors or printed materials say "left arm," they mean left arm.  In addition, the SouthPaw Golf
Academy will feature a full range of left-handed TaylorMade demo equipment at each school.

Eleven students, ranging in age and skill level participated in the first outing.  Mark Gardner of Newport Beach, CA said, “I
thoroughly enjoyed my experience at the SouthPaw Golf Academy.  It is distracting and confusing to have to translate right-
handed golf instruction into lefty.  It was refreshing to have a lefty focused environment, instead of being shoved to the side
and left for last.  Seth and Nick’s left-handed instruction was so clear and helpful, and I’m playing better since attending
your academy.  I highly recommend SouthPaw Golf Academy to every left-handed golfer.”

About Seth Glasco

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About the SouthPaw Golf Academy
The SouthPaw Golf Academy was founded by left-handed instructors to meet the needs of the left-handed golf student.  
The Academy will offer one-day and two-day schools on select dates throughout the country.

The Southpaw Golf Academy - created and designed by lefties for lefties.  For more information, visit www.